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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The fall will certainly be precipitous . but WHEN? When the Jupiter turns direct on 19th november2010

Planets have traveled a great distance since I last wrote my views on planetary configuration affecting markets.The Sun is now placed in Libra17 , Moon in virgo17 ,mars in scorpion10 ,mercury in libra28 ,Jupiter in Aquarius29 in retrograde motion , Venus in Libra 7 in retrogression , Saturn in Virgo 17 and rahu in Sagittarius 11 and ketu in Gemini 11. There is a configuration which has put a tight blind on investor's eyes and brains which stops not only public but also governments to realize the reality of dangers lying ahead with creating crescendo of false money to fake the boom .How far they will be able to carry it is a constant worry because laws of economics won't allow it forever .Retrogression of Jupiter has given a boost to this blind pursuit of greed . The fall will certainly be precipitous . but WHEN? When the Jupiter turns direct on 19th november2010.Let us wait and watch without being prey to folly of others.

Monday, September 27, 2010

On Monday,27/9/10, when the Moon is in Aries ,the sign of Mars , favorably placed in Libra with its lord Venus, Market sentiment must remain positive .Which will result in higher indexes of SENSEX, NIFTY in Indian markets and Asian ,European  , American markets . Precious metals must also appreciate further.Target for Sensex is 20138-20209-20280 and support is at19951-19881-19810.For Nifty 6068-6107-6146 and support at5967-5929-5890.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

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Sensex has achieved its target of20000 in less time than anticipated by us . Current planetary position has made it possible with ease as explained by us in the last post on Wednesday . Now ,when Saturn becomes combust next week and is in degreewise conjuction with Rahu and Ketu ,will the bull trend  be completed , is the million dollar question .We can only wait and watch patiently  and be judicious enough not to lose .

Monday, September 20, 2010

On Monday,20/9/2010 Moon is in Capricorn and will change into Aquarius at17.14PM .Lord of both of these signs is Saturn   who is in Virgo 12 degree with Sun at 3 degrees .As Sun approaches Saturn ,which will take 12 days from now , current rally will lose its steam and will  run into correction mode .Mars and Venus are in Libra ,Rahu in SAGITTARIUS and Ketu in Gemini are at 13.50 degree forming again a close square with Saturn indicating maturity of current uptrend and subsequent correction which looks imminent  .Mercury is at Leo .

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today on Wednesday 15/9/10 Moon has entered into Sagittarius  with ketu in square with Saturn in Virgo .Sun and Mercury in Leo ,Venus and Mars in Libra in shadashtak to Jupiter in Pisces .Rahu in Gemini .This planetary position can cause a temporary stop to the onward journey of equities in Europe and U.S.A. .FTSE ,CAC 40 ,DAX, DJIA ,S&P500AND NASDAQ may not make new highs on Wednesday .